Sargento Boot Camps is a project based in Portugal.
A beautiful and sunny country and the perfect setting for the unique experience we have to offer!



As such, if your goal is weight loss and get in shape, we advise the WEEK CAMP. A week with plenty of exercise, physical evaluations, workshops and… some surprises.


If you are looking for a boost to improve your fitness levels and discover your version 2.0 our advice is WEEKEND CAMP.


CORPORATE CAMP is a personalized camp for companies that know the value of team building activities and invest in annual outings for employees.


SENIOR CAMP is only for the brave above 55 years old. It’s also a camp with plenty of exercise e workshops.


Our YUMMY MUMMY CAMP for moms who want to regain their body after pregnancy, take a break in the stressful life of mother and recharge batteries. For those who have been a mom for less than 2 years.


And finally  Custom Made Camp, where we design a camp just for you.